Do parallel universes exist? Does our universe even exist?

We blindly accept everything we see around us as reality. The fact that we can perceive the world through our senses makes it ‘real’.

Yet at the same time all of this ‘reality’ is nothing more than the result of electrical impulses in our brain as it receives sensory messages from our body, which we cannot control.

The new medicine Markus took caused him three days of hallucinations, which was a tough challenge for him. It made him start thinking that the whole world might just be an illusion. In this series Markus used only two colors because, in fact, color does not exist - it is just a reflection of light. So, in these pictures Markus’s abilities are unlimited, his body is all-powerful and the image in his brain can be controlled. So, what is more true – the stable customary world or a controlled parallel reality?

Markus Martinovitch - Markus laying on mamas head.
Markus laying on mama's head.
Markus Martinovitch - Markus watching a turned off TV.
Markus watching a turned off TV.
Markus Martinovitch - Markuss arms producing clay.
Markus's arms producing clay.
Markus Martinovitch - Markuss hands producing blood.
Markus's hands producing blood.
Markus Martinovitch - Markus sees numbers flying upside down.
Markus sees numbers flying upside down.
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